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Brewing Espresso with Segafredo

Though it’s only an ounce, it’s the foundation of all craft coffee. A great espresso starts with a great medium blend like Segafredo’s Extra Strong (medium-dark roast)—finely ground, and tightly packed into the filter to create a dense surface through which the hot water can easily extract flavor from the coffee. At a pressure of 9 ATM and a temperature of 195° to 205°, water should be run through the filter within a few seconds of it being locked into place to keep from being burned by the heat of the group head. Davide looks for a nice, smooth “mouse tail” (barista-speak for espresso falling into the cup) and insists that espresso be served immediately upon completion to ensure proper flavor. If it doesn’t have a little crema on the top, send it back. Espresso can be enjoyed any time of the day.

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Introducing Segafredo Zanetti

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group and Compass bring you Segafredo Zanetti Brand and Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Cafes.

UCIWWT Feature: Behind the Scenes of Trek Segafredo Women

From breakfast to post-race recovery, no stone is left unturned on race-day for UCI WWT team, Trek Segafredo.
Watch the latest UCI Women’s WorldTour Santini feature that offers a unique insight into how UCI WWT team, Trek Segafredo prepare and execute a race-day. Nutrition, hydration and music are just some of the key rituals for the team!

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