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살면서 꼭 한번은 몰아봐야 하는 차 - BMW 3시리즈 2019 #2019bmw3 #320d

어떤 제품은 가격과 시대를 뛰어넘는 가치를 갖습니다. 소형 스포츠 세단의 기준이 되어버린 그 차. 2019 bmw 3시리즈를 제가 한번 타 보았습니다. 그리고 오랜만이에여


사용 장비 목록 (2019.8)

메인 카메라 https://www.canon-ci.co.kr/product/Mirrorless/rf_mt/eos_r/content/NPAB799369
좀 작은 카메라 https://www.canon-ci.co.kr/product/EOS_800D/DSLR/Low/content/NPAB798806
똑딱이 Canon G7x mk.1 (단종)





360 카메라


2017 맥북프로 15인치

+ 파이널 컷

2019 BMW 3 Series - FULL REVIEW !!

The BMW 3 Series Sedan has epitomised the concept of sporty driving pleasure in the global premium midsize class for more than 40 years. Exuding dynamic design, agile handling, exceptional efficiency and innovative equipment features, it takes the signature characteristics of a BMW and turns the volume up several notches.

2020 BMW 3 Series - PRODUCTION

#BMW #3Series 2019 2020 CAR FACTORY #Production. How It's Made BMW 3-SERIES 2019. Full Process Car Production Assembly Line Plant.

00:02 - Body Shop
06:44 - Paint Shop
10:39 - Paint Shop Quality Control
15:00 - Assembly
26:18 - Final Check

How to build a Luxury Car Sedan. Factory Production BMW 3-Series 2019 Sedan 330i and other engine

Body Shop

Side frame assembly and adhesive technology. Driver-less transportation system. Contact-less measuring operations on the body shell. Welding robots in body construction.

Paint Shop

Paint shop In plant technology, the new paint shop relies on the tried-and tested IPP Technology (Integrated Paint Process) of the BMW production network. In contrast to conventional painting processes, applying and drying the filler coat is omitted here. Instead two base-coats are applied wet-on-wet. By omitting the entire filler layer, a significant reduction in the consumption of resources is achieved. Natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by half and electricity consumption by more than a quarter (27 %). Another contribution to the Clean Production strategy is the introduction of the innovative dry separation, which manages completely without water, chemicals and other additives. In addition, the emitted exhaust air is reduced by two thirds by applying innovative air circulation technologies.

Paint Shop Quality Control

Fully automated surface quality control Intelligent test systems perfect the appearance of the painted car bodies, making sure customers receive the highest quality. For the first time, the BMW Group will use fully automated quality control mechanisms in one of the company’s paint shops. In doing so, robots scan the entire exterior surface of the vehicle. The system is even able to detect errors that are not perceptible to the human eye. Data gathered this way also gives valuable insights into the precision of previous paint processes. These can be continuously optimized by identifying causes of error and avoiding rework. The system is a textbook example of applied digitalization in the BMW Production System (Big Data Analyses). Paint shop, manual quality control at the end.


Body plug assembly using robot arms with sensor control. Automatic engraving of the vehicle identification number. Tilt assembly. Marriage of engine and body. Scenes from the assembly line. Quality control front seats. Installation of kidney grille and headlights. Front end assembly. Exit of the completed BMW 3 series model.

Final Check
Filling up with operating resources. Mounting of the BMW logo and lettering on the rear. Test stand, chassis and lighting. Dynamometer. Adjustment of the welcome light carpet. Final surface control.

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