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A CSUN School Week (+ advice & mini school tour)

I take you with me a week at CSUN, showing you how a school week at Cal State Northridge can look like. Show you the school, resources, tutoring, the gym, computer labs and more.
Hope you like it :) and that it helped!

School Schedule:
12.30 - 1.45 pm FIN 303
5:00PM - 7:45PM BUS 302 (Gateway)
4:00PM - 6:45PM MGT 360
2:00PM - 4:45PM SOM 306

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Instagram: @KlaraGadd
TicTok: @KlaraGadd
Twitter: @KlaraGadd
Janet Zhu : I have csun shirt, too haha
Valencia Fearce : I graduated from CSUN and I lived in your exact apartment complex my first year. Good luck with all your classes.
Wafflemaster 1738 : Wow they reopened? Smc is still closed lmao
Suls Oner : I’m going to csun right now and I live 5mins from there (: I hope to see you one day
Peter x : Imagine thinking CSUN is a decent school. It is ass and the only people who know about it are from the valley
Del Marryatt : Nice work on the video. BTW, have you ever thought of using FollowSM[.]com to help you get more views!?
Mario Estrada : Is csun going to be open for fall semester becuz if not that’s wack
Phelipe P : I just graduated from CSUN; spent 7 years there. I miss my second home already. Good luck!
Saul Vazquez : omg I go to csun lol
Arely Villegas : love watching your videos. I'm still debating between CSUN and CSULB for Fall 2020

CSUN School Week - First Week of School (tips and advice)

I am taking you with me the first week of school at CSUN giving you tips and advise!

ASK QUESTIONS in the comments bellow!

Follow me:

Blog: https://nouw.com/klaragadd
Fabgirl Jess : I’m a new transfer student at Csun and this was so helpful ! I just subscribed I hope you can support me an subscribe back girl
advisingundergraduates pikor : ok
0ceansHeart : aww i miss CSUN, proud Matador :) class of 2016!
Rizgar ESL- Learn English as a Second Language : I am a csun Alumni... let's get in touch.
Shailesh Sahu : Damn! The campus is closed now!
Shailesh Sahu : Nice Vlog!
Richard Soto : How do you keep your schedule so organized
Ulysses De Leon : Cool video

- California State University Northridge

18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge, California 91330
CSUN, Cal State Northridge, Campus Tour, CSUN campus tour, virtual tour
Laxtraction : That's were I was !!!




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